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Prashant Jain – Retired Senior Advocate in Supreme Court of India

A MENTOR gives guidance, knowledge, encouragement and support, as a result of which the mentee’s progress is fast, orderly and ethical.

He drafted the “Constitution of the Commonwealth of Islamic Republics of Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan & Pakistan”; an intern in his chambers adapted it as the “Constitution of Commonwealth of South Asian Nations” and presented it at the Indo-Pak Summit at Agra. He also drafted the State of Uttarakhand Act [enacted by Parliament as the Uttar Pradesh Re-organisation Act, 2000, Election Laws [Reforms] Act, Uttar Pradesh Land Acquisition for Development Authorities [Special Provisions] Act, House of People & State Assemblies [Special Provisions] Act, Uttarakhand Conservation of Environment and Preservation & Augmentation of Glacial & Forest Resources Act.